Orunje brings flat-rate, on-demand doctor house calls to Chicago

A new Chicago startup wants to take doctor house calls out of "Little House on the Prairie" and into the Uber age. Orunje, a health care platform to facilitate house calls with contracted physicians and nurse practitioners, launched Wednesday in Chicago. Individuals will be able to use the platform, pronounced like the color, to request a doctor or nurse to their home, office or hotel room for a flat rate within two hours ...



Orunje Is Bringing The Doctor's House Call Back

Hate waiting to see a medical professional with a bunch of other sick people? If you live in Chicago, a new service called Orunje (pronounced 'orange') might have a remedy. Fill out an online form, and it promises to send a nurse or doctor to your door within two hours. It's getting to be a pretty crowded house. Orunje isn't the only on-demand doctor delivery company. Heal is available to San Franciscans and Angelenos who are feeling under the weather, and Pager has an active doctor network in New York ...


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Hard to Pronounce, Easy to Explain: Orunje, the Uber for Doctors, Launches in Chicago

Sometimes, it's easy to dismiss "Uber for X" startups as silly market clones, like the Uber for Pizza or the Uber for Lawn Mowing. But it's hard to overlook the "Uber for People-Who-Can-Save-Your-Life." Take Orunje (pronounced Orange) for example, the Uber for healthcare. The Chicago-based startup is an on-demand platform that connects patients to board-certified doctors or nurses. Here's how it works: ...



The doctor will see you now—at home

Orunje calls itself "the Uber of health care." The Chicago startup provides on-demand doctor and nurse-practitioner visits to patients' homes, places of employment or hotel rooms. "We are similar to other companies in our space but there is one thing about us that is unique and gives us a distinct advantage: We don't hire doctors," Dr. Rushim Bains, the company's chief medical officer, says via email. "Instead, we connect patients to the over 40 Illinois licensed and insured physicians and nurse practitioners (a number that continues to grow) that we have registered with our website." ...


Built in Chicago

Skip the apple a day—the Uber for healthcare wants to bring the doctor to you

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but a new Chicago company is looking to bring one straight to your door. Introducing Orunje (pronounce 'orange'), an on-demand healthcare service that enables Chicagoans to bypass emergency care clinics and instead opt for primary care that's brought right to their door—with just the click of a button. "Chicago is an ideal fit for Orunje because we are a unique, one-of-a-kind platform and first to market," said co-founder Dr. Pardeep Athwal. "Nothing truly similar exists in Chicago. We realize that there is a large demand for a service such as ours and we are bridging that gap." ...



CBS Noon Business Hour Interview with Dr. Pardeep Athwal

CBS sat down with Dr. Athwal to discuss Orunje, the on demand healthcare model and how new technologies are reshaping healthcare. The inefficiencies of the traditional healthcare model and the market needs from which Orunje evolved were discussed, as well as the need for a more transparent healthcare cost model.


Uber for Doctors? On-Demand Service Orunje Brings Back the House Call

RIVER NORTH -- In a throwback to a time when doctors made house calls, a new on-demand health care service aims to eliminate the need to visit a doc's office or urgent care clinic. Launched this week in Chicago, Orunje, pronounced "Orange," allows patients to receive primary care in the comfort of their home or office for a flat fee. Using the platform's website, patients can request a visit from a board-certified doctor or nurse practitioner and receive medical attention when and where they need it ...


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Never Go To the Doctor Again. Actually, Though.

The sick man's paradox: Must go to doctor. But do not want to move. And definitely don't want to flip through contaminated back issues of People while glaring at children who have yet to learn the meaning of personal space. What you need, sick man, is a doctor who comes to you. And that's Orunje, the Chicago concern that sends board-certified doctors to the comfort of your home, office or anywhere, really, booking now. Think of Orunje as the house call of the future. All you gotta do is request an appointment online. There, you'll impart your complaints, symptoms or ailments. Maybe you're not feeling well ...



Dr. Pardeep Athwal of Orunje

Orunje is an online platform where patients can make an appointment and skip the hassle of traditional office visits, having a licensed physician make a house call.